Tone-at-the-Middle Toolkits

Your organization's senior management sets the ethical tone for the organization, but your middle managers play a critical role as well. Empower managers to champion your compliance program with a ready-to-use “Meeting In A Box.” Each complete toolkit is designed to facilitate employee discussions and prepackaged as a zip file for easy dissemination to managers.

  1. A Manager’s Meeting Guide -
    explaining each component of the kit and when to utilize them.
  2. A Training Presentation Structure -
    including presenter notes and questions.
  3. An Article and EthicsLand™ Cartoon -
    designed to educate the presenter while interrupting employee patterns.
  4. A Compliance Illustrated™ Storyboard -
    woven into the presentation to leverage pleasure/pain associations and change employee behavior.
  5. A Commitment Form -
    with simple, actionable commitment statements that encourage employees, officers and third-party agents to make compliant decisions in the future.